Barcelona for 10 €

Barcelona is not expensive in general, especially when you know where to go, you can find really good options for cheap but good budget restaurants. I compiled the best places where you can eat for 10 € or less. And I mean you get to eat a full meal  and have a drink with it, not just an appetizer.

Pintxos in Calle Blai

Pintxos in der Calle Blai in Barcelona

Pintxos are most common in the Basque country. Pincho in Spanish or Pintxo, the Catalan spelling, means skewer. It owes its name to the toothpick, that traditionally pins the food to a slice of baguette bread. The usual way of eating pintxos is to go from bar to bar with a group of friends, have a beer or a wine with a few pintxos and continue to the next bar. They are normally eaten standing up.

In almost all of Calle Blai the price is 1 € per pintxo. Beer or wine is equally cheap. If you see a red toothpick, the price is a bit higher. My favourite places here are La Tasqueta del Blai (Photo), Nr. 17, and Blai Tonight Nr. 23.

Metro: Parallel or Poble Sec

Address: Calle Blai


Tucco is an Argentinian pasta place with yummy stuffed pasta, delicious sauce and lots of Parmesan. Menus are 6,60 € for normal and 7,80 € for stuffed pasta and include bread, a drink and dessert. Pizza and empanada options are also available.


Tucco Website

Metro: Drassanes

Address: Còdols 27

Bacoa in Barcelona


Bacoa started as a really small Burger restaurant right behind Mercat Santa Caterina in Born in 2010. Ever since they have opened three more restaurants. The Burgers are definitely the best in town together with Kiosko Burger, their sister restaurant. Basic Burger is 7 €. For one Euro more you get ecological meat. If you go to the one Barceloneta you get a nice view on the beach.

Website Bacoa / Metro: Barceloneta

Pizza tresss i no res

Located in Raval, close to Ronda Sant Pau. They have a great variety of American style pan pizza for 2 €/ slice. You can take away, but there are also tables to sit down and enjoy your pizza in dignity.

Pizza tress i no res in Barcelona

Website Pizza Tress i no res

Metro: Sant Antoni

Address: Calle Cera 53


Also located in Raval, Guixot is famous for their hot sandwiches. Though sandwich doesn’t sound that exciting, but once you see options, you might change your mind. They are really good and not boring at all. Alternatively you can order salty crepes or burgers.

Website Guixot

Metro: Parallel

Address: Calle Riereta 8

Taco Taco

There are plenty of Mexican food places in Barcelona. This place a bit special, living the Mexican death worship to the limit. The place is full of skeletons and typical Mexican decoration. The prices are always good, but on Tuesdays tacos a 1 € each. On Wednesday and every day before 20h beers are 1 € and Tacos 1,50 €.

Website Tacos Tacos

Metro: Parallel or Poble Sec

Address: Calle Tapioles, 9


Pachuco definitely has the best nachos in the world. And stand firm by that statement even after having travelled to Mexico. A plate of handmade Pachuco nachos is dinner for two people, that’s how rich they are. If you are more than two persons you can start thinking about ordering some carnitas or tacos on the side.

The place is very small and gets packed every night after around 19h. So if you can, drop by early.

Pachuco Mexican Food Barcelona

Pachuco Mexican Food Barcelona

Website Pachuco
U-Bahn: Parallel
Address: Calle Sant Pau 110


La Malandrina is an Uruguayan Restaurant in la Barceloneta. It does not look particularly inviting neither exciting from the outsite. but I can guarantee you, they have great typical South American grill plates from Entrecot to Entraña. The plates are huge and cost around 7-8 €. I normally order Vacio with patatas a la crema.  If there is no space in Malandrina, go across the street to Iguazu, a Pakistani Agentenian with equally good meat plates for similar prices.

La Malandrina, Barcelona
La Malandrina, Barcelona

U-Bahn: Barceloneta

The Dog is Hot

Hot Dogs does not sound that exciting at first. Hot Dog with Ricotta, dried Tomato and Rucula on the other hand, sounds very intriguing. Even though you wouldn’t naturally connect Hot Dogs to the Canary Islands, but apparently, Hot Dogs a sort of a secret national dish there. And that is also were the Founder is from, more precisely from Tenerife. By now they have two locations in Barcelona, one in Joaquin Costa and another in Plaza Diamant in Gràcia, both decorated street style with Graffitis. A Hot Dog is about 3 to 6 € and they are only take-away.

The Dog is Hot Website

La Taguara

Arepas are typical Venezuelan street food from corn dough, filled with all kind of yummy stuff, mostly including avocado. And of course they are delicious, especially with the hot and coriander sauce. Even though they seem innocent, they stuff you up quite good. In La Taguara you can get the best Arepas in town for 5-6 €. The stand-up restaurant is trashy-chic and also offer a good variety of fresh juices to go with your arepa.

La Taragura, günstig Essen in Barcelona

La Taguara Website

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