The egg that dances

L'ou com ball Barcelona Cathedral

Children who beat on a wood stump so it poops candy and an egg that dances on the water. The Catalans tend to surprise with bizarre customs and traditions.

L’ou com ball, the egg how it dances is a Barcelona born tradition. At Corpus Christi churches, cathedrals and museums decorate their courtyards with flowers arrangements and show off a “dancing” egg on their fountains.

Lou com ball Barcelona
Lou com ball Barcelona

The origin of this custom is not entirely clear. It is not even clear whether there is a religious background. The simplest explanation is that a Barcelonese one day made the discovery that an empty egg shell, when placed on a fountain, turns on the water without falling down. The experiment has since been demonstrated to entertain the nobles. Other historians believe the egg represents the Eucharist which is lifted up into heaven by the water. The trdition has been documented since the XIV century. Today it is mainly an attraction for children and tourists. The fountain and the entire patios are elaborately decorated with flowers. In addition, on this day the entry to the courtyards of many attraction that are normally paid for, is free. So it is worthwhile, to mingle with the crowd and watch the egg dance.

To the dancing eggs:

  1. Cathedral of Barcelona (Pla de la Seu)
  2. Pueblo Español
  3. Fundación Frederic Marès (Plaza Sant Iu)
  4. La parroquia de Santa Ana (Rivadeneyra, 3)
  5. La Casa del Archidiácono (Santa Lucía, 1),
  6. El Ateneo Barcelonés (Canuda, 6)
  7. La parroquia de la Puríssima Concepció (Aragón, 299)
  8. La Real Academia de las Buenas Letras de Barcelona (Obispo Caçador)
  9. El colegio Escolàpies LLúria (Aragón 302)

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