My Barcelona Treasures

After almost seven years in Barcelona I am still discovering new things every day. I compiled my highlights from all these years here: all my favourite places, activities and restaurants, my complete treasure chest for Barcelona.

My favourite restaurant in Barcelona: Lo de Flor

Whenever somebody asks me if I can recommend a good restaurant, whether for a date or a dinner with friend, the first thing that pops into my mind always is: Lo de Flor. And most people love it.

The small restaurant is located in the middle of Raval between Pakistani 24/7 supermarkets, Indian Hairdresser, that will get you a Justin Bieber original haircut for 4 €. On first sight it does not look spectacular, but inviting and cosy. No two tables or chairs are alike, but everything is done with love. The menu changes constantly but the quality remains the same: carefully selected and skilfully prepared.

Flor, the owner, runs the place with passion and takes wonderful care of her guests.

Dinner ist around 25 €/ person

Lo de Flor

My Insidertip: Sunset Jazz Cruise

Watching the sunset on a Katamaran with a live Jazz concert and glass of wine in your hand may sound a bit extravagant. And maybe it is, but hey, its just a great experience. The Sunset Jazz Cruise take place from April to September and last about 90 minutes. There are other options for the Catamaran, I recommend the Sunset Cruise, but the others must be equally wonderful.

Try and be there on time, to catch a spot on the net. A drink is included in the price and the live jazz band make the experience unique.

The trip costs 19,50 € per person, children pay less.

Sunset Jazz Cruise

Open Air Cinema on Montjuïc

In July Open Air Cinema Season begins. From Beach to Mountain, people in Barceona love their open air movies, and there are several popping up out of nowhere. My favourite is Sala Montjuïc, an Open Air Cinema in the castle of Montjuïc. The backyard is transformed into a movie screen and before the film starts, there is a small concert. People normally come in groups and have a picknick during the concert.

The movies are shown in original language with Spanish subtitles. So if you are in Barcelona from July to August, it well worth a shot to check out the program.

Tickets are ca. 6 €. You can book an organic picknick as well, then the price would be 15 €.

Sala Montjuïc

As an alternative there is also the Cinema Lluire a la Platja, which is free, but most movies are in Spanish or Catalan.



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