The best daytrips from Barcelona

Daytrips Barcelona

The top daytrips from Barcelona by car or by train, that can be reached within an hour or two. Barcelona can get crowded and sometimes its nice to just get out of the city for a day. Here are my favourite daytrips.

1. Beach and Paella in St. Pol de Mar

For many residents of Barcelona’s St. Pol de Mar is like a Mecca: once a year you drive out to the small village on the coast, sunbath and swim in one of the small bays and eat a paella in one of the chiringuitos (beach bars).

Beach of St. Pol de Mar
Beach of St. Pol de Mar

The beaches are emptier as the city beaches in Barceloneta and surroundings, but to be fair, we know there can’t be an empty beach near Barcelona in the summer. Even if one shares the paradisiacal coves with other people, the atmosphere is quite different than in the city. The feeling to leave the city bustle behind and diconnect, sets off inmediately already when getting off the train.

Paella Restaurant Banys Lluis, St. Pol de MarPaella Restaurant Banys Lluis, St. Pol de Mar

The best and most popular restaurant for a paella with sea views is Banys Lluis. Here you pay about 30-35 € / person and get to enjoy one of the best paellas around Barcelona. In summer you should reserve.

Banys Lluis, St. Pol de Mar

Banys Lluis in St. Pol de Mar

A bit cheaper is the Chiringuito La Platjola. Paella is ok there and you pay a bit less. 

2. Monastery of Montserrat

The most important and significant mountain of Catalonia is also the most beautiful. The sandstone mountains near Barcelona look as if someone had rounded each tip and polished everything even.


The small town of Montserrat is still one of the richest and most influential of Catalonia mainly due to the importance of the monastery. This Monistrol de Montserrat accomodates the black Virgin of Montserrat statue, affectionately called La Moreneta, “the Brown one”. According to the latest theories, is dark due to time-related discoloration of the wood. The Virgin of Montserrat is also the patron saint of Catalonia.


The landscape is unique and stunning. The village of Montserrat can be reached from Barcelona by train. From the station you can either hike like the Pilgrims (1-2 hours) or take the cable car Cremallera de Montserrat.

Round trip from Plaça Espanya including audio guide and museum are 41,25 €

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3. Waikiki Playa

Waikiki Playa is actually called Cala Fonda and is a hidden little beach just before Tarragona. Its one of the few beaches that are not completely overrun in summer. This is probably mainly due to the challenge in finding it.


Did I mention its hardly possible to get there without a car or motorcycle? But once you found the hidden entrance and found a parking spot, there is only a 20 minute hike between you and Waikiki. Despite the effrt, its really worth it. The beach is one of the most beautiful on the Costa Dorada and, as mentioned relatively (!) empty. There is no bar or chiringuito, so don’t forget to bring everything yourself, especially the umbrella. The bay is a nudist beach, but you will find a good deal of swimsuits anyway.

Waikiki Platja, Cala Fonda, Barcelona

How to get to Waikiki Beach:

AP7 direction Tarragona until exit 32, on N230 and then Via Augusta to about n. 241.


41.13159, 1.33105

4. Mura

Mura is a picturesque medieval village about 1.5 hours drive from Barcelona. Many many local award-winning films have been filmed here, including the Catalan film “Pa negre”, who won nine Goyas (the most important Spanish film award) and was the first Catalan Language Film submitted to the Oscars.

Mura (Photo by

Residents are used to film crews in their neighbourhood, but the are also very welcoming with visitors from the city or from outside. The enchanting village has a very special charm, which is maintained by the neighbors with a lot of love and commitment.
There are various hiking routes in the surroundings of different levels from sunday walk to challenging hike. So one can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and nature for a while and then try one of the villages restaurants or just wonder around in the magical little alleys.

Lovely Pinners, this is for you!

The best Daytrips from Barcelona

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